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Benefits of a small locker storage

When most people think of storage, large storage units ala Storage Wars come to mind. However, you do not necessarily have to rent out a huge, as we have options for you at Storefriendly. Here are some ways a small locker can help you with your daily life.

Store your winter wear wardrobe

Some clothes are only worn once a year or less, like your ski, winter and reservist clothes. Unfortunately, some of these clothing items can be very bulky, like puffer jackets and army gear. Storing them in a locker can also keep them from peeling or breaking down in the humid weather, as we have 24/7 air conditioning at our facilities. Keeping them in a locker will also ensure that you do not misplace them as you arrange the things in your house.

Keep your book obsession alive

Even the best of us struggle to keep our book hoarding habits under control. Instead of accumulating stacks of it at home, a small storage locker can keep some of the lesser-read books and free up the shelf space. If you are afraid of forgetting what books you have in storage, you could keep a note of what you have or take a photo of your unit.

Storing little bits and bobs

Even though most of us watch films and TV shows via Netflix or questionable sites on the internet, there is still value in collecting CDs, DVDs and other such items. The well-ventilated spaces will keep your items safe and sound until you need them. You can also store your photography equipment like lightboxes and tripods in the lockers.

A safe place for important documents

Life insurance policies, wills and other documents can accumulate over time. Worse still, they can become home to creepy crawlies like silverfish. Our air conditioned facilities can keep them safe and neatly arranged for whence you need them.

For your precious collectibles

Small storage lockers are also useful for those who collect things. Having extra space will allow you to take better care of all your items, and you will be able to rotate your collection. The small storage lockers are perfect for model planes, cars, dolls, shoes or just about any wacky themed-collection you might have. We will not be enablers and say this will allow you to buy even more things…but it is a suggestion.

Tools and Equipment

These small storage lockers are also apt for storing any loose, bulky objects you might have. These lockers can contain a variety of things including scientific equipment, microscopes, measuring gear, power tools, foldable chairs, builders’ tools and more.

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