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How to optimise self storage to organise for the new year

It seems like as soon as the Christmas decorations are cleared, Chinese New Year music begins to play. But even for those who do not celebrate, spring cleaning is often an item on New Year’s Resolution lists. Getting a storage unit can definitely simplify this goal, and here are some tips to further optimise your new space!

Giving you the space to set up a home gym

Fitness or weight loss are usually the top of most of our new year resolution lists, but with the pandemic still raging on, some may be weary of going to gyms. But that does not mean your goals have to take a backseat — you can bring the gym to you. By clearing up a corner or spare room, you can set up a home gym with just some weights and an internet connection. A storage facility can help you keep some of your lesser-used objects so you can free the space up for your exercise corner.

Take things apart

To maximize space, large furniture items should be disassembled prior to placing them in storage. Beds, mattresses and large tables should be taken apart and stored in a vertical position. Table legs, headboards and such parts should all be taken apart, and stored towards the back of the unit. This will ensure that space in the unit is optimised, but if you find it difficult to take apart large furniture, you could also arrange shelving under tables.

Upwards and up

When packing the unit, remember to go vertical with your things: boxes should be stacked on each other and furniture upright. You can utilise the the belongings you already own, like stacking dividers and boxes on bookshelves or under tables. You can also but or rent a boltless racking shelf from Storefriendly to add into your self storage unit.

Label everything

Even if you do not have many things in your storage unit, they can definitely accumulate over time. Make sure that you label every box clearly, and you can even keep stickers with a marker in the unit for convenience. The labels should contain a list — or at the very least — a general idea of what the box contains. The labeled part of the box should be facing the front of the storage unit, so you can access them easily.

Divide and arrange things according to theme

If you have just started to fill your storage space, you can also designate certain areas for different things. You could divide the space into books, clothes, furniture, or other categories in order to find things more easily. You could also catalogue the things in your phone or on a chart somewhere so you will not misplace your items by accident.

Self storage can help you achieve your new year’s goals, by giving you the space to further your interests, find a new hobby or just declutter your home. Here at Storefriendly we have numerous options for all your different needs, and you can get a quote from us here.

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